Our focus on savings is relentless. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in staff, multiple systems & solutions that deliver substantial return on investment to our clients.

Proactive Account Management

Experienced managers working as strategic business allies to achieve your business goals

Innovative Technology Solutions

Reengineering virtually every single process from approvals to reconciliation

Quality Control

Fare monitoring…customized alerts…duty of care

Proven Strategies

Drive compliance, prevent leakage, change behaviour

Proprietary Unused e-ticket Management

MP’s in-house system saving thousands in lost credits

Expense Management

Integration to improve processes

Reconciliation & Charge-backs

Solutions to reduce time & cost


A business model based on integrity and honesty. Staff incentivised by service, not profit

Experienced Consultants

Going above and beyond has been our mantra for 30 years

Access to Buying Power

Leveraging the combined buying power of
Radius & CT Partners

Additional Services at No Extra Cost

Renowned for offering more value-added
benefits than any other

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