Service has always been the cornerstone of MP’s success.  We don’t operate call centres – dedicated staff with direct telephone and email contacts are always provided.  Our after-hours service is delivered by in-house (not outsourced) senior consulting staff.  Over the decades we have created a team of experienced consultants, proactive & highly skilled account managers and finance/technology experts who work together to deliver a travel management programme that is totally aligned with your key objectives.

Agility & Flexibility

As a privately owned, mid-sized travel management company, we are close to our clients and can adapt to market changes, react fast to customer feedback and requests and change gears far more easily. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality. We take chances on new ideas especially when it comes to travel technology, which we own. Clients often define it, we then provide it!

VIP Servicing

The executive management of many of MP’s clients say our VIP Consultant servicing is one of the primary reasons they remain with us.

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