Solutions to optimise performance...

MP’s powerful Oracle system offers customised solutions to manage compliance & drive savings.

Our Reports

  • Are real-time, not days, weeks or months later
  • Can be configured by region, division, department or cost centre, all in multiple formats
  • Scheduled to your desk top or on demand at any time
  • Identify behaviour and purchasing trends to improve compliance
  • Improve your supplier negotiation
  • Traveller Tracking to maximise duty of care

Business Intelligence

MyMetrix® our proprietary business intelligence system, is a real-time, interactive tool to strategically analyse your data and better manage key objectives.

At the touch of a button you can visualise every aspect of your spend and make changes even before travel has occurred.

  • Identify trends & non compliance with a day or two of the activity, change behaviour and immediately make savings
  • Manage budget against spend
  • Identify offline & online transactions
  • Supplier performance management
  • What-if analysis to evaluate and predict further savings
  • Duty of care - traveller tracking with live data
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