MP prides itself on its longevity in the industry and meeting the positive standards required for corporate social responsibility within the company and for its clients.

Corporate Citizenship Values

MP recognises its obligations as a corporate citizen and highly values its philanthropic relationship with a number of charity organisations in Australia either directly, via staff initiatives or sponsorship.

Bear Cottage, Black Dog Institute, Cancer Council of Australia, Dementia Care, Leukemia and many more have been supported by MP Travel. We also service a number of not-for-profit organisations.

Most recently we supported David Baker, retired Director of P & O Australia now 80 years of age, in his run in the City to Surf for Dementia Care. He successfully completed the run, raising significant funds and awareness about Australia’s second leading cause of death – dementia.

Human Element Culture

Since inception in 1989 MP’s unique approach to the management of the human element of our company distinguished us (and still does) from others. MP’s culture of working harmoniously and respectfully with colleagues, suppliers and clients was not common place at the time and it paved the way in creating a desirable work environment that has allowed us to recruit and retain some of the very best staff in Australia; with similar values and principles.

In addition to our standard policies of providing a workplace that is harassment, bullying and discrimination free, over the years MP has evolved into a company that recognises the importance of being family-friendly, with an obligation to assist those with ageing and sick parents and their special needs – and those with young families.

MP now employs many staff on a remote basis all over Australia, with flexible working arrangements, to assist with their obligations.

Environmental Policies

We run an environmentally friendly business helping to reduce our impact on the environment and preserving natural resources via a number of initiatives introduced throughout all locations.

Mitigating Risk & Disaster Recovery

MP ensures all clients’ data is stored, processed and transmitted in a secure, compliant environment. This involves multiple layers of security & protection combining physical and virtual security methods. Another important aspect of corporate social responsibility.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance & Security

With years of experience assessing risk exposure, MP has developed strategies and frameworks for duty of care, minimising disruptions and always ensuring the safety of our clients.

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