Mp Travel Update – International Travel Requirements

International Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates

When international travel resumes in Australia from 01 November, 2021, passengers over the age of 12 will need to hold an International Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate as proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid19.

The certificate is a separate document from a passport but will be linked to one and will be checked by immigration officials at airports.  It is different to the current vaccination certificate used to provide proof of vaccination and uses a unique QR code to identify you.

You need a MyGov account linked to Medicare, where you apply for the international vaccine certificate.  If you already have the Express Plus Medicare App, you should update it for the latest version that includes International Vaccination Certificates. You then simply sign in, select Proof of Vaccination, then International Covid19 Vaccination Certificates/Request a Certificate and load your passport details.

We suggest you also share/print so you have a hard copy to keep with your passport when travelling.  

More information can be found at:

Covid19 PCR Testing

Within 72 hours prior to international travel, you must have a PCR test at an airline-nominated testing centre.  You can book the test via a link provided on confirmation of your itinerary. Until the process becomes automated, paper certificates only will be available and must be presented at flight check-in.

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