Safety Advice for Travellers

For any purpose of travelling, whether it be for business or leisure, safety should always be a prime concern.

International SOS, the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm, advises travellers to consider the following when travelling:

Accommodation security:

  • Avoid restaurants and bars situated near the lobby
  • Don’t talk publicly about where you are staying
  • Ask for another room number if the room number is announced at check-in
  • Do not mention the room number when in the hotel or outside
  • Check that doors have double locks and they work before unpacking
  • Carry a device such as a door jam or an alarmed doorstop in case the hotel doesn’t have two locks
  • Put something noisy behind the door in case it is opened
  • Put out the “do not disturb” sign
  • Check any other room access for example balconies, adjoining rooms
  • Check the telephone works
  • Leave the TV on when going out
  • Check the spy hole before opening the door
  • Do not write the room number in the open book on the desk in the spa/gym

Grounds transportation security:

  • Always use a vehicle that is traceable
  • Do not get into a vehicle until you’ve confirmed that it is yours
  • Be aware of the model/make of the vehicle, the licence plate and name of the driver.
  • If it’s not readily available, reconfirm the driver details by calling the operator’s helpline
  • Always sit in the back and wear a seat belt
  • Firmly reject any attempt by the driver to pick up more passengers or acquaintances
  • If you feel uneasy with the driving, the route or the driver, instruct the driver to stop at the first secure or busy place
  • Do not discuss personal details or be over-familiar with your driver

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