Account Management Essentials

These are the minimum standards you should expect from an Account Manager of a reputable Travel Management Company:

  1. The formulation of a Business Plan based on your key objectives and goals.  Your Account Manager should gain a thorough understanding of your business, build a strong relationship and develop a customised programme.
  2. Develop and execute a detailed Implementation Plan.  This is updated regularly during the implementation process.
  3. Provide input to tighten your travel policy for maximum compliance.
  4. Tailor your dashboards and reporting via real-time business intelligence (BI) data.  This ensures the focus is always on your strategic direction.
  5. Provide frequent analytical input & unbiased advice on every aspect of your programme.  The most lucrative savings targets and benchmarks will be identified.
  6. Assist in changing traveller behaviour (with sound BI data to support the change).
  7. Regular travel review meetings.
  8. Supplier negotiation & continual process improvement suggestions.
  9. Updates including the latest travel trends and technology enhancements.
By Justine Martin, Head of Account Management, MP Travel Group.

For more information, enquiries & bookings contact your dedicated MP Travel specialist at or phone 02 9993 9000.

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