5 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Management Company

Enjoy These Benefits with a Travel Service Provider…

1. Security & Support

Organisations have a responsibility and duty of care to know where their staff are at all times to minimise risk. With the changing landscape of world events, weather patterns and possible disruptions to services, it is critical to have a travel management provider who has a well-managed emergency response plan and tools to identify where staff are and assist in evacuation.

2. Time

Booking directly through multiple sources (airlines/hotels/car hire) takes time, whether you’re doing it yourself or using another staff member, it’s going to cost you in time.  Sure, some staff like doing it but it’s an expensive use of their time.

3. Supplier Deals

The market is continually changing – years ago you needed to spend $1m on travel but in today’s market, you can secure a deal for substantially less. Without knowing this and without tracking your spend, you’re costing the company in missed savings. Not to mention a good agent’s ability to benchmark against others with similar spends and deals.

4. Control Mechanisms for Compliance

With no mechanisms in place for policy compliance there is no way to avoid over- inflated travel expenses. It is far better to enforce compliance before you staff have even left the building.

5. Management of Unused Tickets

 Travellers and travel bookers are notorious for mismanaging unused credits. You cancel a trip at the last minute and end up relying on pieces of paper or spreadsheets. Tickets often expire and can cost the company thousands. Good travel consultants manage these through their online booking tools, reporting or internal systems.

For more information, enquiries & bookings contact your dedicated MP Travel specialist at leisure@mptravel.com.au or phone 02 9993 9000.

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